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11. Submission of report

11. Submission of report:

(1) The Inquiry Committee shall, after making decision pursuant to Sub-section (3) of Section 10, submit a report thereof to the Speaker.
(2) The report to be submitted to the speaker pursuant to Sub-section
(1) shall set out; inter alia, the following matters:
(a) Summary particulars of inquiry,
(b) The matter of decision or conclusion made by the inquiry committee in the course of inquiry,
(c) The grounds and evidence taken as a basis to decide or conclude pursuant to Clause (b),
(d) The particulars of opinion given by an expert or authority, if any,
(e) The particulars of report received pursuant to Subsection
(2) of Section 10 in case inquiry was held as regards to the misconduct involving corruption.
(f) Any other necessary matters taken as a basis to prove or disprove the charge.


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