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2. Definitions

2. Definitions: Unless the subject or context otherwise requires, in this Act,
(a) “Explosives” means:

(1) granite, nitroglycerin, dynamite, gun-cotton, blasting powder, mercury or fluent net of other metals and any
other material whether or not of the same category, produced or used with the objectives of bringing about the
practical affect through explosion1 or the effect of a firecracker nature;
(2) fog signal, fuse rocket, percussion cap, cape, detonator, quartos and all types of ammunitions and the materials
produced or prepared in an identical manner or by making a combination of the Explosives as mentioned in Subclause (1);
(3) plants, machines or tools that produce or make the Explosives;

(4) the materials declared as explosives by Government of Nepal, by publishing a notice in Nepal Gazette.
(b) “Production” means the technique to divide into parts, to segregate or to destroy the Explosives or the technique to make the damaged Explosives functional and also the technique to remake, modify and repair the Explosives.
(c) “Carrier” means vehicle, cart, boggy, rickshaw, boat, horse-cart and any other means of transport carrying goods or passengers by water or land or air way.
(d) “Import” means the act of importing within Nepal.
(e) “License” means the license issued under this Act.
(f) ‘Prescribed” of “as Prescribed” means prescribed or as prescribed in the Rules framed under this Act.


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