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9. Examination of Accident

9. Examination of Accident:

(1) The concerned officer of the Nepal Army shall conduct an examination of the accident if the accident as referred
to in Section 8 has taken place in or around the place or carrier under the control of Nepal Army; and the Chief District Officer shall be required to conduct an examination of the accident if the accident has taken place
in any other place.
(2) The examining officer pursuant to Sub-section (1) or the officer designated by Government of Nepal for examination pursuant to


 Amended by the Second Amendment.

Sub-section (4) shall have all powers of the Chief District Officer and shall, if he/she deems necessary and appropriate, also exercise the powers of the Chief District Officer pursuant to Section 6 for the
purpose of such examination.
(3) Upon completion of the examination of the accident, the person designated pursuant to this Section for such examination shall submit a report in writing to Government of Nepal stating the cause and
circumstance of such accident.
(4) Government of Nepal may, if it deems necessary, issue an order to stop an act of examination subject to Sub-section (1) and cause to conduct an examination about the cause of such accident through any other officer deemed appropriate, whether or not the report pursuant to Sub-section (3) has been received.
(5) The examining officer designated to carry out an examination pursuant to this Section shall have the powers, as conferred to the court of first instance according to the prevailing Nepalese laws in relation to summon the witnesses, cause to deposit the documents and other valuable goods and to take statements.


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