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Chapter-1 Preliminary
1. Short title and commencement:

(1) This Act may be called the “Election Commission Act, 2063 (2007)”.
(2) This Act shall come into force immediately.
2. Definition: In this Act unless the subject or the context otherwise requires,-
(a) “Constitution” means the Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063 (2007);
(b) “Commission” means the Election Commission referred to in Article 128 of the Constitution;
(c) “Commissioner” means an Election Commissioner of the Commission, and this expression also includes the Chief Election Commissioner;
(d) “Election” means an election to the members of the Constituent Assembly to be constituted pursuant to Article 63 of the Constitution or such other elections as to be held by the Commission pursuant to the laws in force, and
this expression also includes by-elections;
(e) “Voter” means a person whose name is registered in the Electoral Rolls  pursuant to the laws in force;
(f) “Returning Officer” means the Chief Returning Officer or Returning Officer appointed by the Commission, and this expression also includes the Assistant Returning Officer;
(g) “Political party” means a political party registered for the purpose of election pursuant to Article 142 of the Constitution;
(h) “Prescribed” or “as prescribed” means prescribed or as prescribed in the Rules framed under this Act or in the order issued by the Commission by a notification in the Nepal Gazette.


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