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5. Functions, duties and powers of Board:

5. Functions, duties and powers of Board:

The functions, duties and power of the Board shall be as follows:

(a) To formulate policies on the import of the materials required for the production and promotion of dairy and dairy products and animal feed and on the export of the produced dairy and dairy products and animal feed and recommend the same to Government of Nepal and to implement, or cause to be implemented, the adopted policies.
(b) To formulate a policy on the fixation of price of dairy and recommend the same to Government of Nepal.
(c) To give necessary suggestions to Government of Nepal for the interests of the producers and the consumers vis-à-vis dairy business.
(d) To encourage, or cause to be encouraged, the development of dairy business through cooperatives.
(e) To register, or cause to be registered, dairy industries.
(f) To arrange and mobilize, or cause to be arranged and mobilized, such native and foreign assistance, grants and loans as may be required for the dairy industry.
(g) To provide, or cause to be provided, technical assistance to establish, improve, promote and protect the dairy industry.
(h) To monitor, evaluate and appraise, or caused to be monitored, evaluated or appraised, programs related with dairy business.
(i) To carry out, or caused to be carried, other necessary functions related with the dairy industry.


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