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2. Definitions:

2. Definitions:

Unless the subject or context requires, in this Act:

a. “National Park” means an area set aside for the conservation, management and utilization of flora, fauna and scenery along with the natural environment.
b. “Strict Nature Reserve” means an area of ecological importance or

♥ This Act came into force on 2030/6/4(1973) after publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette.

important otherwise and set aside for scientific studies.
c. “Wildlife Reserve” means an area set aside for the conservation and management of wildlife resources and their habitats.
d. “Hunting Reserve” means an area set aside for the management of wildlife for allowing hunters to hunt them.
e. “Reserve” means……..∝ Strict nature reserve, wildlife reserve and hunting reserve.
 (e1) “Conservation Area” means an area to be managed according to an integrated plan for the conservation of natural environment and balanced utilization of natural resources.

(e2) “Buffer Zone” means a peripheral area of a national park or reserve prescribed under the Section 3a in order to provide facilities to use forest resources on a regular and beneficial basis for the local people.
♣ f. “Wildlife” means mammals, birds, reptiles, pieces, amphibians and insects of any kind other than domesticated and this term also includes the eggs of Oviparous creatures.
(g) “Arms” means any type of gun, pistol or similar other firearms, bow, arrow, spear, trap, snare, booby-trap, catapult or any other weapons that may cause injury.
(h) “Hunting” means the act of chasing, capturing, torturing or killing of any wildlife by any means or attempting to do so or extracting any part of its body or eliminating it or taking out or destroying its eggs or taking out,
destroying or disturbing its nest.
(i) “Trophy” means the living or dead body of any wildlife or any such part thereof, which can be identified.
(j) “Authorized Officer” means an officer prescribed by Government of Nepal by publishing a notice in the Nepal Gazette.

∝ Deleted by second Amendment.
 Inserted by third Amendment.

Inserted by fourth Amendment.
♣ Amended by second Amendment.

(j1) “Warden” means a person appointed by Government of Nepal for the conservation and management of national park, reserve, conservation area or buffer zone.
(k) “Prescribed” or “as prescribed” means prescribed or in the manner prescribed


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