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5. Prohibited actions within national park or reserve:

5. Prohibited actions within national park or reserve:

No person shall carry out the following actions ♣within national park or reserve without obtaining a written
permission from the authorized official:

a. To hunt wildlife,
b. To construct or possess house, hut, shelter, or any other structures of any material,
c. To occupy, clear, reclaim or cultivate any part or grow or harvest any crop,
d. To graze any domestic animal or bird, or feed water to it,
e. To cut, clear, fell, remove or block trees, plants, bushes or any other forest resources, or do anything to cause any forest resources dry, or set it on fire, or otherwise harm or damage it,
f. To dig mines, stones or remove any mineral, stone, boulder, earth or any other similar material,

♣ Amended by second Amendment.
♣ Amended by second Amendment.
♣ Amended by second Amendment.

g. To cause damage to forest resources or wildlife or birds or any land,
h. To carry arms, ammunition or poison, or use them,
i. To take any domestic or any other kind of animal or trophy by persons other than government employees on deputation or visitors of the public paths ♣within the national park or reserve, and
j. To block, divert any river or stream flowing through national park or reserve, or any other source of water, or use any harmful or explosive materials therein.


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