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21. Necessary action can be taken for self-defense :

21. Necessary action can be taken for self-defense :

(1) To save one’s own life or any other person’s life or domestic animal from the actual and sudden attack of any
wildlife, and when one is left with no option but to use arms or take any other measures against such wildlife, he\she may act accordingly. If any wildlife is killed or wounded in such action, it shall not be considered a crime committed under this Act.
(2) In case any wildlife is killed or wounded as mentioned in Sub-Section (1), a notice shall have to be given to the prescribed officer within 24 hours of such action excluding the time required for journey.
(3) The privilege mentioned in the Sub-Section (1) shall not be available to the persons, who has been acting in contravention of this Act or the Rules framed under the act.


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