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6. Procedures relating to the meetings of the council

6. Procedures relating to the meetings of the council

(1) The meetings of the council shall be held as may be required on the date, time and at the place prescribed by the chairperson.
(2) The Secretary shall, as per the direction of the chairperson, send a notice of date, time, place of the proposed meeting and the agenda to be discussed at the
meeting to the each member in the advance of Forty Eight hours of the proposed meeting.
Provided that, if a member thinks that discussion is necessary over a matter, which is not included in the agenda, at the meeting, he/she may, with the
permission of the chairperson, put the proposal thereof at the meeting.
(3) It shall be deemed to have been achieved the quorum for holding a meeting if the chairperson and at least other Five members are present.
(4) The chairperson shall preside over the meetings of the Council.
(5) Each matter submitted at the meeting shall be decided unanimously.
(6) In case unanimous decision could not take place pursuant to section (5) no decision shall be made over such matter.
(7) The chairperson shall call next meeting to make decision on the matter which was not decided pursuant to Sub-section (6) and the decision shall be taken
over that matter on the basis of the consent of the meeting.
Provided that, even the said meeting fails to make decision on the basis of the consent, the decision shall be taken by majority votes of the total members of
the council.
(8) The Secretary shall maintain the record of the decisions of the council and shall keep the decision upon causing the signature of the chairperson and
(9) Other procedures of the meeting of the council shall be determined by itself as per necessity


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