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5. Acquisition of Citizenship by Naturalization

5. Acquisition of Citizenship by Naturalization:

(1) A foreign women married to a citizen of Nepal desiring to obtain citizenship of Nepal shall have to
submit an application in the prescribed form to the designated officer. On submitting such application she has to produce the marriage relationship document with the citizen of Nepal and also evidence to show the initiation of procedure for renunciation of own’s foreign citizenship.
(2) A child born to a Nepali female citizen from marriage with a foreign citizen in Nepal and having permanent domicile in Nepal may be granted naturalized citizenship as prescribed, provided the child has not acquired the
citizenship of the foreign country on the basis of the citizenship of his/her father.
(3) A person desiring to acquire naturalized citizenship pursuant to Subsection
(2) shall have to submit an application with the following documents to the designated authority:
(a) Duplicate copy of the citizenship certificate of the mother,
(b) Recommendation by concerned Municipality or Village Development Committee certifying the birth and permanent residency in Nepal,
(c) Evidence to show that foreign citizenship has not been acquired based on the citizenship of the father.
(4) The Government of Nepal may grant naturalized citizenship as prescribed to those foreign citizens, who have contributed specially for the upliftment of science, philosophy, art, literature, world peace, human welfare or
Nepalese industry, finance or social development and have fulfilled the following conditions or status :
(a) who is able to read and write Nepali or any other language in practice in Nepal.
(b) who is engaged in any occupation and domiciled in Nepal.
(c) who has renounced or declared such renunciation of the citizenship of the other country.
(d) who has resided in Nepal for a minimum period of 15 years.
(e) who is a citizen of the country where there is provision of the law or practice to grant naturalized citizenship to Nepalese.
(f) who bears good moral character
(g) who is mentally fit and healthy.
(5) Whatever may have been written is Sub-section (4), from among the  issues of the person, the child born to the person prior to that person having acquired citizenship by naturalization may also acquire Nepalese citizenship by
naturalization as prescribed form.
(6) Any person acquiring citizenship by naturalization under this Section shall take an oath as mentioned in the schedule and awarded the Nepalese citizen certificate in the prescribed form and such person shall be naturalized
citizen of Nepal from the date of receiving such certificate.


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