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5. Registration of an Appeal

5. Registration of an Appeal:

(1) A person, submitting an appeal pursuant to Sub- Section (1) of Section 10 of the Act, shall file the appeal before the Commission in a format as prescribed in the Schedule.
(2) The concerned person may file an appeal in person if s/he so whishes or through the concerned Public body or concerned District Administration Office or any Post Office in the curse of filing an appeal pursuant to Sub-rule (1).
(3) If a person registers an appeal through Public Body or District  Administration Office pursuant to Sub-Rule (2), the said Office shall forward the id appeal to the Commission within three days upon issuing a receipt of
acknowledgement to the person submitting an appeal.
(4) If, the secretary, finds the appeal received pursuant to Sub-rule (1) and (2) with in the limitation as mentioned in the Act upon an inquiry, shall register such appeal accordingly.
(5) If the course of inquiry of an appeal pursuant to Sub-rule (1), if the secretary finds it elapse the limitation as mentioned in the Act, he/she shall endorse the same note in the appeal.

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