Rules relating to Sanctioning and Payment of Salary, Stationary etc. of the Staff of Primary School, 2021 (1965)

Rules relating to Sanctioning and Payment of Salary, Stationary etc. of the Staff of Primary School, 2021 (1965)

Rules relating to Sanctioning and Payment of Salary,  Stationary etc. of the Staff of Primary School, 2021 (1965)
Date of Publication in the Nepal Gazette 2021/1/28 (May 10, 1965)
Whereas it is expedient to make some change in the system of sanctioning and  recording the expenditure of salary, stationary etc. of the staff of governmental  primary school;

Now, therefore, the Government of Nepal, having exercised the power conferred  by Section 2 of the Administrative Procedure (Regulating) Act, 2013 (1956), has enacted the following Rules:-

1. Short Title and Commencement:

(1) These Rules may be called ”  Rules relating to Sanctioning and Payment of Salary, Stationary etc. of
the Staff of Primary School, 2021 (1965)”.
(2) These Rules shall come into force immediately.

2. Definition: Unless the subject or context means otherwise, in these  Rules,-
(a) “Headmaster” means the headmaster of a fully governmental  pre primary school or primary school operated from ordinary  budget.
(b) “Supervisor” means the District Education Supervisor of the  concerned district and his subordinate District Education Sub  supervisor also in his absence.
(c) “Salary” means the remuneration to be obtained in accordance with  the Rules and allowance also if any
(d) “Notice” means a notice published in the Nepal Gazette.

3. Duty of a Headmaster:

(1) The Headmaster shall furnish the record of  attendance and leave of previous month of the whole staff including
himself of the School at the Office of Supervisor within the 7 the day of  every month.
(2) The Headmaster shall submit the payroll also of that month  along with the record of attendance and leave supposed to be submitted to  the Office of Supervisor under sub-rule (1).
(3) The Headmaster shall, giving due consideration to the quantity of stationary needed for the first three months of every fiscal year in the  beginning and subsequent 3 months in the each fourth month, submit the  report of stationary to the Office of the Supervisor.

4. Right and Duties of the Supervisor:

(1) The Supervisor shall  carefully check and examine the record of attendance and leave, payroll  report and stationary report submitted under rule 3 whether the reports are  right or not, whether the leave is got approved in accordance with the Rules or not, whether the salary and stationary is demanded in  consonance with the figure of budget or not etc., and if it is found right,  he shall approve the payroll report also.
(2) The supervisor, after approval of the reports under sub-rule (1),  shall make payment of salary and stationary immediately if it is being paid from earlier from the Office of the Supervisor and make necessary
recommendation to another office to pay if it is being paid from earlier  from another office.

5. Making Payment of Salary and Stationary:

The Office or Land Revenue Office responsible to pay the expenditure of salary and  stationary, after receive the letter of recommendation from the Office of the Supervisor under sub-rule (2) of rule 4, shall pay by maintaining the
due process of Act and Rules as per the recommendation.

6. To Prescribe an Official:

The Government of Nepal may prescribed  another officer or person also to accomplish the function of supervisor by
publishing a notice.

7. Repeal:

Matters set forth in these Rules shall be carried on accordingly  and other matters under the prevailing Sanad Sabal and Acts and Rules.

N.B.: Terms changed by the Some Nepal Law (Amendment) Act, 2024 (1967).  “Rajpatra” and “Pratibedan” in lieu of “Gazette” and “report” respectively.