Prime minister Helping Fund Rules, 2059 (2002)

Prime minister Helping Fund Rules, 2059 (2002)

The Government of Nepal, having exercised the power conferred by Section 2
of the Administrative Procedure (Regulating) Act, 2013 (1956), has enacted the
following Rules:-

1. Short Title and Commencement:

(1) These Rules may be called ” Prime minister Helping Fund Rules, 2059 (2002)”.
(2) These Rules shall come into force immediately.

2. Definition: Unless the subject or context means otherwise, in these  Rules,-
(a) “Fund” means the Prime minister Helping Fund established under  rule 3.
(b) “Board” means the Board of Directors of the Fund constituted under rule 5.

3. Establishment of Fund:

(1) A Fund named Prime minister Helping Fund has been established.
(2) The Fund under sub-rule (1) shall consist of the following  amounts.
(a) Amount obtained from the Government of Nepal
(b) Amount obtained from the any other source
(3) The Fund shall be operated as the revolving fund.

4. Use of the Fund:

(1) The amount deposited in the Fund shall be invested in the following function:

(a) To cooperate for medical treatment of a person renowned in the field of national life who is  seriously ill and unable to make medical treatment,
(b) To cooperate a sick person having poor financial condition in bringing him to hospital for medical
treatment and carrying from hospital.
(c) To cooperate for mitigating the persons falling in  natural calamity or accident, to cooperate the
relatives of the deceased person for final rites or obsequies cost,
(d) To cooperate the social associations and  organizations established under the prevailing law
with an objective of economic and social upliftment  for operation of a particular program.
(e) To cooperate a person having poor financial  condition.
(2) The basis of use of Fund, procedure and rate of financial  cooperation under sub-rule (1) shall be as prescribed.

5. Board of Directors of the Fund:

(1) There shall be the following Board of Directors of Fund for making available the financial
cooperation under rule 4.
(a) Secretary, Office of the Prime minister and Council of Ministers Chairperson
(b) Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs Member
(c) Joint Secretary, Ministry of  Finance Member

(d) Joint Secretary, Ministry of  Women, Children and Social  Welfare Member
(e) Joint Secretary, Office of the Prime  minister and Council of Ministers Member Secretary
(2) The Board may regularize its procedure by itself.

6. Arrangement and Operation of Fund:

(1) An account shall be opened with the Nepal Rastra Bank to deposit the amount to be obtained
in the name of Fund under these Rules.
(2)The account under sub-rule (1) shall be operated with the joint  signatures of the Member Secretary of the Board of Directors and  Account Officer of the Office of the Prime minister and Council of

7. May Obtain Consultation: The Board may obtain necessary  consultation from a person or agency deemed appropriate while  operating the function under these Rules.

8. Accounts and Audit:

(1) The accounts of income and expenditure of  the Fund shall be maintained under the prevailing law.
(2) Accounts of the Fund shall be audited by the Office of the Auditor General.

9. Delegation of Power: The Chairperson may be delegated the power  by the Board to make decision to make available the financial cooperation by identifying the person or organization subject to the  basis, procedure and economic rate prescribed by the Board in regard to application of the Fund under rule 4.

10. Contact with the Government: The Board, while contacting the  Government of Nepal shall contact through the Office of the Prime minister and Council of Ministers.

N.B.: Terms changed by the Government of Nepal (Portfolio) (First Amendment) Rules, 2060 (2003): “Office of the Prime minister and Council of Ministers” in lieu of “Cabinet Secretariat” or “Office of  the Prime minister”