13. Official Passport

13. Official Passport : (1) The office shall issue an official passport in Gratis to the following officials visiting abroad for the purpose of Governmental function or study or study tour or training after being nominated by Government of Nepal, if a written request has been received from the concerned constitutional body or Ministry.
(a) Except than the officials holding the diplomatic passport pursuant to Rule 12, the other officers of civil service, Nepal Health Service, Parliament service, Nepalese Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police and Special Service,
(b) Judges of the District Courts,

(c) Chairperson of the District Development Committee or Chief of the sub metropolitan city and municipality,
(d) Vice Chancellors of the Universities established by the Government of Nepal, Nepal Academy and Nepalese Academy of Science and Technology, and
(e) Specific persons designated for any specific purpose making to be provided an official passport by a decision of the Government of Nepal.
(2) The valid period of the passport that has to be issued pursuant to Sub-rule(1) may be issued maximum for ten years of valid period also considering the service tenure of the passport holder.