15. Travel Document

15. Travel Document : (1) Travel document may be issued in the following situation (circumstances) :–
(a) If an application has been submitted before the mission of the concerned country or nearby mission, after completing the necessary process required to receive a passport along with the reason and evidence of being unable to return to Nepal due to the reason of being either lost or destroy of the passport of any Nepalese passport holder (bearer) staying abroad,
(b) If in case of a country not having the established mission as pursuant to Clause (a), then if his/her family member has submitted an application before the office, after completing the process required to be followed to receive the passport along with the letter of the concerned District Development Office made on the basis of recommendation of concerned Village Development Committee or Municipality,
(c) If an application has been submitted with the recommendation of the Ministry of Home Affairs to visit abroad by a refugee staying (residing) in Nepal after being received the approved of the Government of Nepal or if the foreign national of the nation which foreign mission has not established in Nepal has submitted an application by mentioning the reason for not being able to return to his/her own country due to lost or destroy of passport along with the police report of lost or destroy of passport and other necessary evidences,

(d) In case of Nepalese children who has been adopted as adopted son or adopted daughter by foreign citizen (national) and a mission of the country of such national has not been established in Nepal or such mission does not issue passport or travel documents then if such foreign national (citizen) has applied before the central passport office along with the recommendation of Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare,
(2) The color of outer (cover) page of the travel document shall be black.
(3) The office may issue a travel document if it finds appropriate to issue the travel document to the person applying for it upon the inquiry of the application received pursuant to Sub-rule(1).
(4) The validity of the travel documents to be issued pursuant to Sub-rule(1) shall be as prescribed by such travel document issuing officer.
(5) Notwithstanding anything contained in these Rules, if any Nepalese citizen has been found lost either being helpless or purse less (money less) and also loosing passport in the foreign land, one way travel document in Gratis may be issued to send back him/her making immediate rescue of him/her.