Schedule – 1

Schedule – 1
(Related to Sub-rule(1) of Rule 7)
The Offices and Missions where the application for Passport has to be Submitted

An application has to be submitted for the passport or travel document in the following offices, missions or District Administration Offices :–
1. For a diplomatic passport or an official passport in the office or mission.
2. For an ordinary passport in the office, mission or in Regional Administration Office or District Administration Office in the permanent address of the applicant.
3. An application for passport may be submitted in the concerned District Administration Office completing the following procedure in following circumstances :–
(a) In case of husband or wife in the District Administration Office of the permanent residence or in the District Administration Office of present residence,
(b) In case of migrants who has migrated from the district of issuance of citizenship certificate, in the District Administration Office of Present residence,
(c) If the birthplace, address and citizenship certificate has been taken from different districts, then in the District Administration Office which has been issuing the citizenship certificate,
(d) In case of the employees working in the Government office and Government agencies and their families, in the recommendation  of the office where he/she has been working, in District Administration Office of the same district or in the office.
(e) In case of the teachers and employees working in the universities  and schools and their families, if the recommendation has been made from the educational institutions then in District Administration Office when he/she has been working.

Explanation : For the purpose of this Clause “Family members” means “Husband, wife, son, unmarried daughter adopted son, unmarried adopted daughter, father, mother or step mother residing with him/her and who has to be taken cared by himself/ herself and this word also refers to their Grandfather in case of male and unmarried female employees and mother in law and father in law in case of married female employee”.
4. For travel document in the office or missions.
5. For provisional passport in the missions.