Health Policies

1. Preventive Health Services The services that are provided for the prevention of diseases fall under the Preventive Health Services. Under these, priority shall be given to those programmes, which directly help to reduce infant and
child mortality rates. These services shall be provided in an integrated way, through sub-health care centres at the rural level. The following main programmes shall be operated under this service:

(a)Family Planning and Maternal and Child Health Programme

(b)Safe Motherhood Programme

(c) Expanded Immunization Programme

(d)Diarrhea and Acute Respiratory Infection Control Program

(e)Tuberculosis Control Programme

(f)Leprosy Control Programme

(g) Malaria and ‘Kalajaar’ Control

(h) Control of Epidemic of Communicable Diseases

(i) Initiation of Prevention of Non-communicable Diseases

(j) Initiation of Primary Health Services in Urban Slums

(k)Prevention of AIDS