3. Curative Health Services:

3. Curative Health Services:

The following curative health services shall be made available at Central, District and Village levels:

(a) Preventive, promotive and curative health services shall be made available in an integrated way in the rural areas through sub-health posts and primary health care centres.

(b) There shall be at least one hospital in each district of the country where out-door services, in-door services, family planning and maternity and child health services, immunization services and emergency services shall be provided.

(c) One Zonal Hospital shall be established gradually in each of the zones of the country. Specialized services relating to pediatrics, gynecology, general surgery, general medicine, eye,  ear, nose and throat care, and dental services shall be available at that Hospital.

(d) One Regional Hospital shall be established gradually in each of Five Development Regions of Nepal. In these hospitals, specialized services such as dermatology, orthopedics and psychiatry shall be added in addition to those available in zonal hospitals.

(e) Hospitals that are equipped with sophisticated facilities and provide specialty and super-specialty services shall be operated at the central level.

(f) Specialist services shall be extended to remote mountain regions, as and when required, through mobile teams.

(g) A referral system shall be developed through which the rural population shall be provided with the opportunities to obtain services from modern well equipped hospitals, as and when required.

(h) Diagnostic Services such as laboratory, X-Ray and other supportive services shall be strengthened in the hospitals at various levels.