Schedule -9

Schedule -9
Relating to Sub-rule (1) of the Rule 4, Sub-rule (2) of Rule 5, Sub-rule (2) of Rule 6,
Sub-rule (2) of Rule 7, Sub-rule (3) of Rule 20e, Sub-rule (3) of Rule 20f and Subrule
(7) of Rule 21f.).
1. Permanent registration fee: – One Thousand Rupees
2. Temporary registration fee: One Thousand Rupees
3. Trial registration fee: Five Hundred Rupees
4. Specialist registration:
(a) Name registration fee: One Thousand and Two Hundred Rupees:
(b) Annual fee: One Hundred Rupees.
(c) Renewal fee: One Hundred Rupees.
(d) Delay fee: Fifty Rupees.
5. Registration certificate examination fee: Two Thousand and Five Hundred
6. Special examination fee: Three Thousand Rupees.
7. For foreign medical practitioners:
(a) Name registration fee: Three Thousand Rupees.
(b) Registration renewal fee: Three Thousand Rupees.