5. Meetings and decisions of the Board

5. Meetings and decisions of the Board:

(1) The Board shall held at least four times a year at such place, time and date as may be specified by the chairperson of the Board.
(2) Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Section, if at least one-third members of the Board make a submission in writing for holding a meeting of the Board, the member secretary of the  Board shall have to call the meeting of the Board by giving information thereof to the chairperson.
(3) The member secretary of the Board shall give a notice of the meeting to the members generally in advance of at least seven days, and such a notice has to be accompanied by the agenda of the meeting.
(4) The presence of at least fifty percent members of the total number of members of the Board shall be deemed to constitute a quorum for the meeting of the Board.
(5) The meeting of the Board shall be presided over by the chairperson and by the member selected by the members from amongst themselves in the absence of the chairperson.
(6) The majority opinion shall prevail at the meeting of the Board; and in the event of a tie, the person presiding over the meeting shall exercise the casting vote. Provided that, in relation to decisions on approval of policies, plans, annual programmes, budget, organizational structure and positions of the Board, such decisions shall not be made unless at least six members agree thereon.
(7) The decisions of the Board shall be authenticated by the member-secretary of the Board.
(8) The other Rules of procedures relating to the meeting of the Board shall be as determined by the Board itself.