Chapter-5 Miscellaneous
12. Operation of Fund:

(1) the money received in the name of the fund of the committee shall be deposited in the commercial bank prescribed by the committee.
(2) The operation of the fund pursuant to Sub-rule (1), in case of central committee shall be operated by the signature of member secretary of central committee and any member or employee of the committee and in case of district committee shall be operated by the signature of the chairperson of the district committee and any member or
employee of the committee.

13. Delegation of Power: Out of the functions, duties and power received by the committee pursuant to the Act or these Rules, committee many delegate some power to the sub-committee constituted comprising the members of corresponding (concerned) committee or any member or employee of the committee.

14. The Authentication of the decision: The decision of the committees shall be authenticated by the member-secretary of the concerned committee.

15. Sub-committee to be constituted:

(1) Committee may constitute sub-committee as per the need and consisting of the member of the committee or experts to execute any functions to be executed by the committee pursuant to the Act or these Rules.
(2) The functions, duties and power and procedures of the subcommittee constitute pursuant to Sub-rule (1) shall be as prescribed by the committee.

16. Annual Report:

(1) District Committee shall present its annual report to the central committee and central committee shall prepare annual report also submitting the matters of the district committee reports and shall present (submit) to the Government of Nepal.
(2) The report to be prepared pursuant to Sub-rule (1) shall mention in addition to other matter the details of income/expenditure of the committee, the cost of the expenditure related to the legal aid, and about social effect and achievements.