(Related to Sub-rule (2) of Rule 3)
The recommendation letter made by the chairperson or member or secretary of
the Village Development Committee or Chairperson of the ward
of a Municipality
Shree………………Legal Aid Committee
Subject: Recommendation on providing Legal Aid
Mr./Mrs./Ms. …………….who applied for legal aid is the resident of Ward
No. …. of this Village Development Committee/ Municipality. His/ Her annual
net income is less than Forty Thousand Rupees including his major occupation,
business and also from other sources. According to his/her economic condition,
he/she is unable to appoint a lawyer to submit a complaint/ to submit a defend
and for other legal consultation. So it is requested with recommendation to
provide the legal aid from that committee to him/her.
Recommended by : Name of the Recommender
Name of the V.D.C./ Municipality
Seal of the V.D.C./Ward Office
If recommended by chairperson of Ward
or Secretary Ward No.:
Signature of the Recommender: