1. Background

The world community has been involved in the study and research of nuclear science as the entire world is familiar with the fact that the level of nuclear science is an indicator of inherent power and symbol of prosperity of a nation. Moreover, the fact is obvious that some international organizations such as International Atomic Energy Agency
(IAEA) are working to accelerate and extend the contribution of atomic energy for improving human health and raising the living standard of the people significantly through the peaceful use of nuclear technology. In
the context of making maximum use of nuclear science in basic research in sector of food and agriculture, health, energy, industry, geo-science, geochemistry, geo-physics and pollution measurement, it is useful for
Nepal, too, to achieve better results on such sectors by utilizing nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. Importance of nuclear technology has increased since it is environmentally friendly and may be useful in different disciplines of medicines. As well as it would be a better alternative to minimize the short supply of mineral fuels and to reduce severe environmental impact caused by large scale hydroelectric power projects. Nepal being surrounded by several nuclear power plants in its neighbour and in the context of their number being continuously increased, Nepal can not remain untouched from any kinds of nuclear accidents that may occur in its neighborhood and therefore, it is urgent to make necessary measurements on the present status of radiation level and there should be
regular monitoring and evaluation and proper safety measures in this regard should be taken. Moreover, there is an urgent need to well inform