5. Policy

5.1 To adopt policy and programmemes for peaceful use of nuclear energy as per its nature and pervasiveness and maintain coordination and balance between mutual effects of its programmeme and policy in economic, social, educational, cultural, industrial, foreign and agricultural policy.

5.2 To develop, promote and encourage research and development activities on nuclear energy, taking into consideration its pursuable fundamental, applied and educational aspects in an appropriate way through suitable, available and all possible measures.

5.3 To pay due attention to the goal oriented nuclear energy research activities that can play vital role for social and economic development.

5.4 To give due emphasis in the programmes such as proper development of food, agriculture, medicine, industry and water resources, study in geo-science, geo-chemistry, geo-physics disciplines, measurements of environment pollution level and radiation level and proper monitoring and identification of mineral ores for bringing them in use.

5.5 In order to extend academic study, research and knowledge in the field of nuclear energy, to make aim achieving efforts effective by involving the academic institutions including universities and other institutions working in this field.

5.6 To develop proper legal and institutional mechanism for the development and peaceful use of nuclear energy. While doing this, pay due attention on matters of safety aspects of export, import, purchase, sale, storage, transport, utilization and radiation of uranium and other radioactive materials.

5.7 To enhance bilateral and multilateral mutual relation and cooperation in the management of residual material of radioactive elements after their utilization in atomic energy development for peaceful purpose in regional and international field.

5.8 To set national standard having fixed quantitative measurement of radiation level in food materials.

5.9 To follow internationally accepted safety measures in the development and use of nuclear energy. To improve the condition of natural habitats maintaining environmental balance by keeping harmony with nature

5.10 To develop high level human resources in the field of nuclear science and give due emphasis in the development of capable manpower for the fulfillment of immediate need.

5.11 To utilize human resources available in governmental and nongovernmental sectors, universities and research laboratories of the country in an integrated and multidimensional basis and to conclude necessary agreements to collaborate with concerned international organizations and institutions.

5.12 To develop capability that can select, accept, adjust, use, maintain and mobilize technology relating to nuclear energy.

5.13 To use all possible measures for raising awareness among the general public concerning Nuclear Energy.

5.14 To establish national level information system for collection, storage and dissemination of information in the field of nuclear science.