6. Sectoral Work Policy

6. Sectoral Work Policy

6.1 Research and Development

6.1.1 Farmers shall be encouraged towards professional farming techniques to produce seeds of higher breeds by creating genetic diversity in food crops with the help of ionizing radiation.

6.1.2 Nuclear technology shall be properly utilized in pest control and production of chemical fertilizer.

6.1.3 For fostering research and development programme in the field of nuclear science, proper research and development, management, substantial investment and suitable institutional structure shall be put in order.

6.1.4 Laboratories, research institutions and research units shall be gradually established for making research and
development more effective in the prioritized sectors.

6.1.5 Emphasis shall be given for the treatment and development aspects of nuclear medicines using radioisotopes.

6.1.6 Emphasis shall be given in the research of irradiation of food materials.

6.1.7 Infrastructures shall be developed gradually for the establishment of research reactor.

6.1.8 Research works shall be conducted in mutual collaboration of academic and industrial sectors to enhance production of industrial sector with the use of nuclear technology.

6.1.9 Research works on basic and technical knowledge of computer interfacing mechanism applied to nuclear
instrumentation shall be carried out.

6.1.10 Emphasis shall be given in conducting nuclear science related research on curative aspects of animal and fish