6.2 Human Resources Development

6.2 Human Resources Development

6.2.1 Mutual coordination shall be made effective by maintaining balance with nuclear policy and other policies.

6.2.2 Nuclear study and research shall be made an integral part of higher studies in science and technology. Suitable
curriculum shall be developed to fulfill the need of nuclear science study.

6.2.3 Due consideration shall be given in the preparation of curriculum of nuclear studies to generate human resources of special qualification and efficiency on nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry, radiobiology, nuclear medicine, radiotherapy and radiation security.

6.2.4 An arrangement for special training and education shall be made for the production of highly qualified and capable workers, managers, scientists and technicians level professional qualification, requires for the capability and overall skill.

6.2.5 Research work shall be encouraged by tying up the prioritized areas at different levels of study and teaching
with the subjects of comparative benefit of the country.