(Relating to Sub-rule (2) of Rule 3)
Physical means, human resource and other necessary services
and facilities required to be arranged by health institution
(a) Physical means:
(1) Hemodialisis machines in running condition including reverse
osmosis (at least two),
(2) Necessary tools and equipment related with anesthesia,
(3) Necessary tools and equipment to carry out operation of both
the donor and the recipient for the purpose of transplantation of
(4) Ventilator (at least two),
(5) Monitor (at least two),
(6) Hemodialisis machine in running condition for a highly infected
(7) Colordoplor.
(b) Human resource: Number
(1) Nephrologists At least one
(2) Kidney transplantation surgeon At least one
(3) Anesthesiologist At least two
(4) Radiologist At least one
(5) Pathologist At least one
(6) Cardiologist, neurologist, psychiatrist and dental surgery
(c) Other necessary services and facilities:
(1) Hemodialasis machine equipped with facilities,
(2) Surgical intensive care unit equipped with facilities,
(3) Pathology laboratory (round the clock service with provision of
urea, criatinine, electro-light) equipped with facilities,
(4) Operation theater equipped with facilities,
(5) Post operative ward equipped with facilities,
(6) HLA (human leukocyte antigen) laboratory equipped with
(7) Blood gas analysis service.
Even though the concerned health institution does not ha ve the physical means as referred to in paragraphs (6) and (7) of Clause (a), human resource as referred to in paragraph (6) of Clause (b) and the services and facilities as referred to in paragraphs (6) and (7) of    Clause (c), it will meet the requirement if an agreement concluded
with any other health institution or specialist that such physical means, human resource, service and facilities can be made a vailable at any time as and when required through such other institution or   specialist is submitted.