7. Evaluation of secret report:

7. Evaluation of secret report: Job related secret report of employee shall be sent in Commission regularly every year within 15 days from completion of the year.
(2) The Commission shall consider as to whether there has been right evaluation or not in received secret report of every employee and if the Commission believe that such report has not filled impartially or not evaluated rightly or in case of filling by more than two employee and found vast difference in evaluation of each report the commission shall reach in appropriate conclusion receiving explanation from the employee filling such report.
(3) If adverse matter has been found from the secret report or report of inspection officer regarding activities and character of any employee, commission shall make providing notice with cause to such employee for providing chance to correct their activities and character and commission shall not take basis of such report in upcoming days for any evaluation of job and character of such employee, if such report has been kept without providing such notice.