5. Provision for Repatriation

5. Provision for Repatriation

Foreign investors who have received permission to invest in convertible currency can repatriate the following amounts outside Nepal at the prevailing rate of exchange:-

5.1 The amount received by sale of the whole or any part of the equity investment.

5.2 The amount received as benefits or dividends from foreign investment.

5.3 The amount received as payment of principal and interest on foreign loans.

5.4 The amount received under an agreement for the transfer of technology.

5.5 The amount received as compensation for the acquisition of any property.

5.6 Foreign experts, working in Nepalese Industries with prior approval from countries where convertible currencies are in circulation, shall be permitted to repatriate in convertible currency up to 75% of the amount received by them as salaries, allowances, etc.