11. Arrangements Relating to the One-window System:

11. Arrangements Relating to the One-window System:

The following arrangements will be made to provide services through an “One window” system to industries operating under foreign investment:

11.1.1 In order to provide in a quick and effective way the approvals, facilities and other administrative service to industries to be established under foreign investment of technology transfer agreement and in order to establish effective co-ordination among various agencies, the department of industries will be designated
as the one window servicing agency with the industrial promotion Board as a focal point as spelt out in the industrial Enterprises Act.

11.1.2 The following One-Window Committee will be formed to provide infrastructure facilities such as registration, land electricity, water and facilities a taxation, etc, under an one window system for industries to be established with foreign investment. One-Window Committee Convener -The Director General, the Department of
Industries Member -Joint Secretary, the Ministry of Industries

-Joint Secretary, the Ministry of Finance
-Joint Secretary, the Ministry of Commerce
– The Chief Controller, Nepal Rastra Bank

11.1.3 The Department of industries will inform the application of the decision of the Board on foreign investment and technology transform within 30 years from receipt of the application.

11.1.4 A license shall contain information as to facilities and concessions to which an industry is entitled.

11.15 Application for the registration of an industry should be submitted to the Department of industries within 35 years from the date of receipt of approval for foreign investment. The industry will be registered within 21 days
from the date of receipt of the application.

11.2 Institutional Arrangements

11.2.1 The Department of industries will be reorganized and expanded with the objective of promoting foreign
investment, granting approval and providing facilities and administrative service through the one window system.
The Department will be upgraded and the statues of the director General will be made equivalent to the position of
an Additional Secretary.

11.2.2 The powers relating to the facilities and services provided by agencies such as the Ministry of Finance and its
Departments, the department of Commerce, the Nepal Rastra Bank, and the Department of Immigration etc. will
be delegated to the one window committee.

11.3 Other Arrangements

11.3.1 Industries established under this policy will continue to enjoy all time-bound facilities to which they are entitled even if any subsequent change is made in this policy. Industries prohibited for grant of Approval under Foreign Investment.

1 Defense related industries, which manufacture arms and ammunition.

2. Cigarettes and Bidi. Alcohol (excluding 100% export oriented.