Chapter- 5

Chapter- 5
Provisions Relating to Approval for Sending Workers
17. Provisions relating to labour sticker: While writing to the
Department for the labor sticker pursuant to Sub-section (1) of Section
19 of the Act, the licensee shall also set out the following particulars:
(a) A list of selected workers,
(b) Receipts of payment of amount to the Fund on behalf of workers,
(c) Copies of passports and visas of workers,
(d) In the event of the need to use a foreign airport, details of exit
point and flight schedule,
(e) Status of implementation of the direction given by the
Department on complaints made in re lation to the selection of
(f) Such other matters as may be specified by the Department.

18. To make registration at departure point while going outside Nepal:
(1) While going outside Nepal with the permission of the Department to
use a foreign a irport pursuant to Sub-section (2) of Section 22 of the
Act, the worker shall make registration setting out the following deta ils
with the imm igration Office at the departure point:
(a) Name, surname and address of the worker,
(b) Country to which the worker is going for fore ign
(2) In making registration pursuant to Sub-rule (1), the following
documents sha ll a lso be submitted with the imm igration Officer at the
departure point:
(a) Copies of passport and visa,
(b) A copy of the labor sticker.
19. Other provisions relating to insurance: (1) A licensee shall, while
sending workers for foreign employment procure insurance from an
insurer recognized under the prevailing laws.
(2) The provisions relating to the premium payable for procuring
insurance pursuant to Sub-rule (1) and payment thereof shall be as
provided in the agreement made between the insured and the insurer.
(3) If there is a difference in the insurance premium and liability
by the reason that any licensee, who has made a contract with any
worker to work in one company, has engaged the worker in another
company or work that is different than that set forth in the contract, the
licensee shall bear such different liability.