Chapter- 6

Chapter- 6
Provisions relating to Training
20. Orientation training to be taken:

(1) A worker who goes for foreign  employment shall, prior to going for fore ign employment, take  orientation training on the following matters:
(a) Foreign employment law of Nepal,
(b) Geographical situation, culture, life style, economic, social and political situation of the country where the worker goes for foreign employment,
(c) Language of the country where the worker goes for foreign employment,
(d) Labor, immigration laws and traffic rules of the country where the worker goes for fore ign
(e) H.I.V/AIDS, communicable diseases, sexual and reproductive health,
(f) Occupational safety and health,
(g) Easy and safe trave l,
(h) Conduct, treatment and security of workers,
(i) Repatriation of earning made abroad to Nepal in a simple, easy and safe manner.
(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-rule (1), a worker who has taken orientation tra ining once and gone for fore ign
employment sha ll not be required to take the orientation training aga in to go to the same country for foreign employment.

21. Submission of details to Department by institution providing
orientation training:

(1) An institution providing the orientation training to the workers who go for foreign employment sha ll, prior to
providing the training, submit the following details to the Department:
(a) A list of names of persons taking training,
(b) Names of trainers.
(2) After providing the orientation training, the institution providing the orientation training shall submit to the Department the
details of attendance of the persons who have taken the training.

22. Deposit and license fee: Any institution providing the orientation training to the workers who go for fore ign employment shall, in
obtaining the license, furnish a cash deposit on one hundred thousand rupees and the license fee of ten thousand rupees.

23. Term of license and renewal fee:

(1) The license obtained by an  institution providing the orientation training shall remain va lid for one financial year. Notwithstanding that the license has been provided at any date whatsoever, the term of such license shall expire at the end of
that financia l year.
(2) An institution providing the orientation tra ining may get the license renewed by submitting the following details no later than the
last day of the month of Ashad (Mid-July) of each financ ial year:
(a) Progress of the pre vious financ ia l year,
(b) Physical, financial and human resources of the institution,
(c) Evidence showing the payment of tax for the pre vious financ ial year in accordance with the preva iling laws,

(d) Such other necessary details as may be spec ifie d by the Department.
(3) While getting the license renewed pursuant to sub-rule (2), a fee of five thousand rupees shall be paid.
(4) Any institution which has obtained the license and been operating the training at the time of commencement of the Act may
make an application to the Department for the renewal of the license obta ined by it within one year after the date of commencement of this regulation; and if the Department, upon examination of such application, considers that the infrastructures, human resources as well
as other means and resources are adequate, it sha ll renew the license of such institution by collecting the deposit and the license fee referred to in Rule 22. The licensee who fa ils to ha ve renewal within such timelimit shall not be allowed to carry on the training business.
(5) If the license is not got renewed pursuant to Sub-rules (2) and (4), such license shall be canceled.
(6) Notwithstanding anything contained elsewhere in this Rule, if an institution providing the orientation training is found to ha ve
committed any act contrary to the Act and this Re gulation, the Department may suspend the license of such institution for a certain
period of cancel it.
(7) Prior to canceling the license pursuant to Sub-rule (6), the Department shall give a reasonable opportunity to the concerned
institution for defense.