Chapter- 7

Chapter- 7
Provisions Relating to Fund
24. Worker to pay amount to Fund:

Any worker who goes for foreign  employment sha ll, prior to going for foreign employment, pay to the Fund such amount as may be specified by the Government of Nepal.

25. Mobilization of deposit:

(1) The Department shall deposit seventy five percent amount of the cash deposit received pursuant to Sub-section (2)
of Section 11 of the Act in a fixed account to be opened with a commercial bank.
(2) Interest accrued from the amount deposited in the fixed account pursuant to Sub-rule (1) shall be paid to the Fund.

26. Use of Fund:

(1) The Fund sha ll be used for the following activities, in addition to the activities set forth in Section 33 of the Act:
(a) For Educationa l deve lopment of the families of the workers who ha ve gone for foreign employment and
those who have come back from foreign employment,
(b) For assistance in medica l treatment of the families of the workers who have gone for foreign employment,
(c) For the reimbursement of the fees paid by the women who have been selected for foreign employment to
obta in the orientation tra ining,
(d) For the establishment and operation of child care  centers for proper protection of the children of the
women workers who have gone for foreign employment,

(e) For launching various programs for the interest of the workers and their families,
(f) For launching public awareness programs about foreign employment,
(g) For running day-to-day activities of the Board.
(2) Notwithstanding anything conta ined in c lause (f) of Sub-rule (1), the operational expenses of the Board shall not be more than
twenty five percent of the interest earned pursuant to Sub-rule (2) of Rule 25.

27. Operation of Fund:

(1) The amounts to be paid to the Fund sha ll be  deposited in any commercial bank specified by the Board.
(2) The account of the Fund shall be operated by countersignature of the Executive Director and the accounts chief of the Board.

28. Financial assistance to be provided:

(1) If any worker who has gone  for foreign employment in accordance with the Act or these Rules dies due to any cause during the contract period, the nearest heir to the deceased worker may make an application to the Board for financial  assistance, no later than six months after the certification of the death  of the deceased worker.
(2) If, upon making necessary examination of the application received pursuant to sub-rule (1), the contents are found reasonable, the
Board shall provide a financ ial assistance of one hundred thousand rupees from the Fund to the heir to the deceased worker.
(3) If any worker who has gone for fore ign employment in accordance with the Act or these Rules gets mutila ted due to any cause
during the contract period, such worker may make an application, accompanied by the following details, to the Board for financial assistance, no later than sixty days after such worker has returned to Nepal:
(a) A copy of the contract,
(b) The prescription of hospita l proving mutilation.
(4) If, upon making necessary examination of the application  received pursuant to Sub-rule (3), the contents are found reasonable,
the Board sha ll provide a financial assistance not exceeding One Hundred Thousand Rupees from the Fund, based on the prescription of
hospital, nature and gravity of mutilation.