Chapter- 8

Chapter- 8
Provisions Relating to Board and Executive Director
29. Other functions, duties and powers of Board:   The functions, duties and powers of the Board, in addition to the functions, duties and
powers set forth in Section 39 of the Act, shall be as follows:
(a) To do, or cause to be done, study and research works on the opportunities and risks of foreign employment,
(b) To broadcast and publish, or cause to be broadcast and publish, awareness programmes on foreign employment through radio,
tele vision and newspapers in a regular manner,
(c) To prepare, or to be prepared, strategies and action plans on social security of workers,
(d) To establish safe homes for the women workers who ha ve gone for foreign employment and operate, or cause to be operated,
such homes.

30. Qualification of Executive Director: One shall ha ve the following qualification to be appointed to the post of Executive Director:

(a) Being a citizen of Nepal,
(b) Having gained at least master’s degree in any subject out of economics, law, management and public administration from a
recognized educationa l institution,
(c) Having completed the age of thirty five years,
(d) Having acted in the post of at least officer level in a governmental or non-governmental organization,
(e) Not ha ving been punished for a crim ina l offense involving moral turpitude,
(f) Not being a member of any political party or organization for the time being,
(g) Not being of unsound mind.

31. Fulfillment of post of Executive Director:

1) For the fulfillment of  the post of the Executive Director, there shall be a post fulfillment committee under the chairmanship of the secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Transport, consisting of the representatives of at least  Gazetted First Class of the Public Service Commission and the Ministry of Genera l Adm inistration.
(2) The post fulfillment committee referred to in sub-rule (1) shall, while making recommendation for the fulfillment of post, follow
the procedures specified by the Public Service Commission.

32. Circumstances where post falls vacant: The post of the Executive Director shall be deemed vacant in any of the following circumstances:
(a) If he/ she tenders resignation to the Government of Nepal,
(b) If his/ term expires,
(c) If he/ she dies,

(d) If he/ she ceases to possess the qua lification referred to in Rule

33. Power to remove Executive Director: The Government of Nepal may, at any time, remove the Executive Director from the post of Executive Director on the ground that he or she has committed any act contrary to the interest of the Board or committed bad conduct or has failed to perform duties honestly or suffered from incompetence. Provided that, prior to so removing from the post, he or she shall
not be deprived of an opportunity for defense.

34. Remuneration, terms and conditions of service and facilities of  Executive Director: The monthly remuneration of the Executive
Director shall be equivalent to that receivable by the Gazetted First Class officer of the Government of Nepal, and the other facilities
receivable by him/ her shall be as prescribe by the Government of Nepal.

35. Other functions, duties and powers of Executive Director: The other functions, duties and powers of the Executive Director, in addition to the functions, duties and powers set forth in Sub-section (5) of Section 41 of the Act, shall be as follows:
(a) To run the day-to-day activities of the Board,
(b) To prepare short-term and long-term plans, annual programs and budget of the Board and submit the same to the Board,
(c) To ca ll the Board meetings at such place, time and date as specified by the chairperson of the Board,
(d) Other functions as may be specified by the Board.