(Relating to Rule 3)
Format of application for license
Re:- For issuance of license for manufacture/
import/ sale/ store/ service.
Dear Sir,
I have made this application, accompanied by the following documents
and details and a sum of Rs.—for the license fee, to have the license to
manufacture/import/sell/store——,deliver—-service. I agree to carry on
transactions subject to the Excise Duty Act, 2058 (2001), Excise Duty Rules,

2059 (2002) and the terms and restrictions specified in the license.
1. Name and address of the person or enterprise:-
2. Permanent account number of the person or enterprise:-
3. Boundaries of the enterprise:-
4. Full name and address of the owner, partner and managing
5. Name of transactions:-
6. Capital:-
7. Date of commencement of work:-
8. Production capacity:-
9. Others:-