Schedule -3

Schedule -3 (Relating to Rule 4)
Government of Nepal
Ministry of Finance
Department of Inland Revenue
Inland Revenue Office…………
Type of license…….
Number of license…….
Based on the application made for the license pursuant to Sub-section
(2) of Section 8 of the Excise Duty Act, 2058 (2001) and Rule 4 of the Excise Duty Rules, 2059 (2002), this license is, hereby, issued to  manufacture/purchase/sell/export/import/store the products subject to excise
duty or deliver the service subject to excise duty.

1. Licensee’s name:-
2. Father’s name:-
3. Age:-
4. Address:-
(a) Permanent (b) Temporary
5. Licensee’s permanent account number:-
6. Place where work is done as per the license:-
7. Name and address of the owner of house where enterprise is

8. Type of transaction:-
(a) Manufacture:-
(b) Sale, distribution (wholesale/retail)
(c) Export/import:-
(d) Storage:-
9. Signature of license recipient:-
10. License fee:-
License issuing official’sSignature:


NB: The terms to be abided by the licensee:-
1. The licensee who purchases and sells liquors has to sell and distribute the liquors from 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.
2. One who purchases and sells foreign liquors has to retain the liquor purchase invoice.
3. Any dealer, distributor, shop, hotel shall, in purchasing liquors, purchase the liquors only after examining whether the excise duty stamp is affixed to the case, cage etc. in a compulsory manner. In cases where on is found to have purchased a product without the excise duty stamp affixed to it, the purchaser shall also be liable
to punishment and penalty.
4. The other terms specified by the Department from time to time  pursuant to the laws in force have also to be followed.
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