Schedule-5 (Relating to Rule 7)
Matter to be mentioned while preparing reports relating to
Initial environmental examinations:
1. Name and address of individual or institution preparing the report:
2 Summery of the proposal: (To briefly mention the following matters in regard to the possibly impact of the implementation of the proposal on the environment):
(a) Objectives of the proposal,
(b) Impact on land-use.
(c) Adverse impact on the environment impact on human life, and population pressure,
(d) Damage to be suffered by local goods or objects,
(e) Other necessary matters.
3. The following matters must be explicitly mentioned in respect to the proposal:
(a) Type of proposal,
(i) Processing,
(ii) Manufacturing,
(iii) Installation,
(iv) Service delivery,
(v) Others.
(b) If related to delivery, the nature and type of goods to be delivered.
(c) Proposal’s

(i) Installed capacity
(ii) Number of hours to be operated per day or year.
(d) Materials to be used (quantity and year to be mentioned).
(e) Emission resulting from the implementation of the proposal (the time of operation and the consequent volume of emission to be specified)
(i) Solid
(ii) Liquid
(iii) Air,
(iv) Gas,

(v) Noise
(vi) Dust,
(vii) Others
(f) Energy to be used:
(i) Type,
(ii) Sources
(iii) Volume of consumption (per day and year)
(g) Human Resource requirements:
(h) Resources required for the implementation of the proposal:
(i) Total (Gross) capital
(ii) Working capital
(iii) Land area,
(iv) Building and their types,
(v) Machinery and tools
(vi) Others.
(i) Detailed particulars of the area where the project is to be implemented:
(i) Maps,
(ii) Population and condition relating to settlements in the area as well as
in the nearby areas,
(iii) Particulars of any sensitive things or objects, if any, located close to
the area where the proposal is to be implemented

(iv) Current situation
(v) Sources of water
(vi) Arrangement made for disposing or processing the waste
(vii) Paths for movement in the area where the proposal is to be
(j) Manufacturing processes
(k) Details of the technology
(l) Other necessary matters.
4. Impact of the implementation of the proposal on the environment:
(a) Impact on the social, economic cultural spheres:
(i) Impact on human health,

(ii) Degradation of cultivable land,
(iii) Destruction of forests,
(iv) Changes in social, cultural and religious norms and value,
(v) Others.
(b) Biological Impact:
(i) Population,
(ii) Flora and fauna.
(iii) ‘Natural habitat and communities
(c) Physical Impact:
(i) Land,
(ii) Atmosphere,
(iii) Water,
(iv) Noise,
(v) Man-made objects,
(vi) Others
5. Alternatives for the implementation of the proposal:
(a) Design
(b) Project site
(c) Processes, time-schedule,
(d) Raw materials to be used,

6. Alternatives to reduce or control the impact of the implementation of the proposal on the environment.
7. Matters to be monitored while implementing the proposal.
8. Other necessary matters.
Note: – Data, maps, Photographs, tables, charts graphs etc. shall be enclosed, as required, while preparing the report.