∗ Schedule-7

∗ Schedule-7 (Relating to Sub-Rule (1) of Rule 16)
Industries requiring Certificate of pollution control
1. Relating to production of liquor through blending process and distilleries with facilities of boiling and fermentation.
2. Relating to brewery and winery with facilities of fermentation.
3. Relating to production of primary chemicals such as corrosive, acid, and alkali (except citric, tartaric, acetic, acid etc.)
4. Hide processing
5. Relating to electro plating and galvanizing,
6. Refilling, filling production and distribution of cooking natural gas.
7. Relating to boulder crushing
8. Relating to paints
9. Relating to milk processing.
10. Production of lubricants through the process of blending reprocessing or
11. Relating to production of foam.
12. Production of dry or wet cell (battery).

13. Production of crude sugar or sugar.
14. Relating to thread, textile painting dyeing or washing (including carpets except traditional cottage industries.
15. Relating to pulp or paper except traditional cottage industries,
16. Relating to bricks, tiles etc.
17. Relating to cement based on lime stone or clinker,
18. Relating to lime production,
19. Relating to pharmaceuticals.
20. Production of chemical fertilizer (blending) and pesticides (blending),
21. Relating to plastic (based on waste plastic)

Amended by first Amendment

22. Relating to matches,
23. Relating to auto workshop (except two wheelers)
24. Relating to production and processing of coke and Briquette from coal.
25. Relating to plastic processing (except scraps processing)
26. Production and processing of tires (except scraps processing),
27. Relating to soap (including detergent and cleaning shampoo),
28. Relating to photo processing.
29. Relating to laundry.
30. Production of cigarette, bidi, tobacco, betel nuts.
31. Relating to slaughter house.
32. Relating to glass (palm dares)
33. Relating to food processing.
34. Relating to metallic (including remolding, rerolling, and fabrication),
35. Relating to bitumen and bitumen emulsion,
36. Relating to cold storage.
37. Relating to threading.
38. Relating to vegetable ghee and oil.
39. Relating to herbal processing.
40. Relating to production of different items from bone, horn and foot root.

41. Relating to rosin tormenting, veneer and catechu.
42 Relating to fish processing.
43. Relating to production of packaging materials.
44 Relating to poultry feed.
45. Relating to machine shop.
46. Relating to production of chemical fertilizers and pesticides except
produced through welding techniques.
47. Relating to mineral based industries having with the investment of more
than Rs. Fifty millions fixed capital.

48. Production and processing of petro chemical (production of diesel,
kerosene lubricants, plastic, synthetic rubber etc.)
49. Production of ferrous and non ferrous (except rerolling, remolding, and
fabrication metal though smelting process.
50. Production of assets
51. Relating to emission of radio actives (nuclear and atomic processing).
51. Relating to primary chemical (bulk drugs) for mediations.
53. Relating to extremely hazardous Substance such as isocyanine, mercury
compound etc.
54. Production of ammunitions and explosive including gunpowder.
55. Relating to chemical processing of bones.