Chapter – 2

Chapter – 2  Information of Offence
3. Information of Offence :

(1) If any person knows the fact that the offence pursuant to Section 7 of the Act has been committed or is being committed or is going to be committed, he/she shall have to give a written information thereof in the format pursuant to Schedule-1 to the immediate distributor as soon as possible setting out content including material evidence, if any, to the extent that he/she has possessed or he/she has known or he/she has seen and learnt with regard to such offence.
(2) Any person who is giving information pursuant to Sub-rule (1) shall have to set out, as far as possible, the following facts:
(a) date, time and place when and where the offence has been committed or is being committed or is going to be

(b) name, address and identification mark of the person who  has committed the offence,
(c) mode of the offence and goods, equipment and other particulars related with the offence,
(3) In case anyone has orally given information of the offence pursuant  to Sub-section (1), the distributor shall have to maintain records in the format  pursuant to Schedule-1 setting out the facts stated by the informer and also the
facts pursuant to Sub-rule (2).
(4) Information pursuant to Sub-rule (1) may also be given through telephone, fax and e-mail. Distributor shall have to maintain records of the information so received in the format pursuant to Schedule-1 and take necessary action.
(5) If the concerned Inspector has submitted a report stating that the offence has been committed or is being committed while holding inspection in the house, building and place of customer or consumer on behalf of distributor, the facts as set forth in the said report shall have to be considered as information of the offence and maintained in the records in the format pursuant to Schedule-1.

(6) The distributor shall have to register the information received  pursuant to Sub-rules (1), (3), (4) and (5) in the Registration Book maintained in the format pursuant to Schedule-2. Provided that, in case the information so received is out of the jurisdiction of the distributor or Investigating Officer, such information shall  have to be sent to the concerned distributor or Investigating Officer.
(7) The informer shall have to be given the receipt in the format pursuant to Schedule-3 upon registration of the information of offence pursuant to Sub-rule (6).
(8) Name and address of the informer and the content of the information so given by him/her shall be maintained confidential pursuant to this Rule.