Chapter – 5

Chapter – 5
Assessment of Loss and Damage
11. Actual Loss and Damage :

(1) The amount so remained due and payable after  deducting the amount paid to the distributor by the person accused of the offence in the said period from amongst the total amount payable to the distributor for total unit of electricity assessed pursuant to Rule 10 shall be  deemed as actual loss and damage.

(2) For the purpose of computing total amount payable to the  distributor pursuant to Sub-rule (1), electricity tariff rate prevailing at the time of commission of offence shall have to be made basis.

12. Minimum Amount of Loss and Damage : Notwithstanding anything  contained in Rule 11, in case where value for loss and damage is less than One Thousand Rupees while evaluating it in assessing unit of consumed stolen
electricity by the person so accused of the offence, minimum One Thousand Rupees shall have to be fixed for such loss and damage.

13. Records of Investigation and Inquiry : In the course of investigation and inquiry, the Investigating Officer, after registration of the information of the offence, shall be required to prepare, in the format of Schedule-7 all the
documents including copy of order if order of fine has been issued against any  body, interrogation, deed of public inquiry and other inquiry deed and records of computation of unit of leaked (stolen) electricity, records of activities that amount of loss and damage and compensation have been assessed and attach themselves along with the file of investigation and inquiry.

14. To Give Information of Loss, Damage and Compensation : The Investigating Officer shall have to give information in the format pursuant to Schedule-8 to the person so accused of offence or association setting out the
description of loss and damage fixed pursuant to Rule 11 or 12 and compensation so payable therefor.