Chapter – 7

Chapter – 7  Miscellaneous
19. Compensation :

(1) In case any customer or consumer has suffered any kind  of loss and damage as the distributor or employee of the distributor has carried out the work against the interest of customer and consumer, the concerned customer or consumer may claim compensation from the distributor pursuant to Section 4 of the Act.
(2) For the purpose of assessing amount of compensation upon making inquiry into the compensation claimed by the customer or consumer with regard to the loss and damage so suffered pursuant to Sub-rule (1), a Committee shall be constituted under the a Chairpersonship of the Chief District Officer consisting of the representative of the Ministry of Water  Resource and the representative of distributor in each district.

(3) In case the committee pursuant to Sub-rule (2) has found that the customer and consumer has really suffered loss and damage upon making inquiry pursuant to the said Sub-rule, the Committee shall decide to compensate upto one hundred thousand rupees from the distributor and such decision shall be final.
(4) The distributor shall have to provide compensation within three months from the date of decision of compensation made by the Committee pursuant to Sub-rule (3).

20. Code of Conduct: (1) The distributor shall have to frame code of conduct to be obeyed by the distributor association and the employees so concerned with the said association pursuant to Section 5 of the Act and submit it to Government of Nepal.
(2) The code of conduct so submitted by the distributor shall come into force after the approval of Government of Nepal.

21. Stoppage of Supply of Electricity : (1) In the following circumstances, the distributor may stop the supply of electricity in full and partial quantity through feeder, transformer or low tension line in any area, village, Tole, and
place pursuant to Section 10.

(a) In case any customer or consumer of any area, village, Tole and place have collectively or separately stolen
(b) In case it is not possible by the technical point of view to stop the supply of electricity of only such customer and consumer stealing electricity in the area, village, Tole and  place and pursuant to Clause (a),
(c) In case there is the possibility of creation of obstacle by breaking out riot while taking action against the customer
and consumer of such area, village, Tole and place pursuant to the Act and these Rules.
(2) The distributor shall have to publish public notice of taking such action prior to fifteen days subject to informing the residents of the area, Tole and place of the concerned Village Development Committee or Municipality in
case when supply of electricity has to be stopped pursuant to Sub-rule (1).

22. It May Be Made Public : The distributor may make public the names of the person, customers and consumers stealing electricity in the newspaper of national level for information of general public.

23. Re-connection of Electrical line : After making payment of the amount so fixed payable to the distributor by the concerned person or customer or consumer against the leaking (stealing) of electricity, the distributor shall have
to re-connect the electrical line of such person or customer or consumer as soon as possible.

24. Prize : (1) Amount at the rate of twenty percent of the total amount so paid for loss, damage and compensation fixed to be payable to the distributor by the offender shall have to be awarded as prize to the informer of the offence.
(2) In case persons to receive prize pursuant to Sub-rule (1) are more than one, the prize shall be distributed proportionately.
(3) The distributor shall provide the amount of price pursuant to this Rule only after the payment of the amount of loss, damage and compensation so payable to the distributor by the offender.

5. Manual May Be Framed : The distributor may frame and apply the Manual to carry out necessary inquiry and other activities in the context of the control of electricity Leakage.

26. Amendment and Alteration May Be Made to the Schedule : Government of  Nepal may make amendment and alteration to the Schedule of these Rules as per necessity by publishing notice in the Nepal Gazette.