Schedule – 7

Schedule – 7
(Related with Rule 13)
Records of Investigation and Inquiry
………………… Office
1. Description of Customer:
(a) Customer No.:- (b) Name of Customer:-
(c) Block No.:- (d) Tole:-
(e) Ward No.:- (f) Municipality/V.D.C.:-
(g) Approved capacity:-
2. Description of meter:
(a) Ampere:- (b) Volt:-
(c) Phase:- (d) Meter reading number:-
(e) Demand:- (f) Meter manufacturer:-
(g) S. No.:- (h) Year of manufacturing:-

3. Seal Description:

4. Mode of the offence:-
5. Structure of house:-
(a) Concretely built:- (b) Tile:-
(c) Thatch:- (d) Floor number:-
(e) Total room number (except bathroom):-
6. Equipment operated through electricity installed in the house of customer:-

7. Other description :-
8. Compensation Evaluation Table:-

(a) Amount of loss and damage :-
(b) Amount of compensation Rs.:-

(c) Amount to disconnect and re-connect line Rs.:-
(d) Reading seal fee Rs.:-
(e) Terminal Seal fee Rs.:-
(f) Meter Box Seal fee Rs.:-
(g) Other fee Rs.:-
(h) Total amount payable Rs.:-
9. Of the concerned customer / consumer or the person who has signed on behalf

of him/her stating that the description mentioned herein is correct.
Name:- Address:-
Date:- Signature:-
Of the Investigating Officer:-
Name:- Designation:- Signature:-
Other Employee
Name:- Designation:- Signature:-
Name:- Designation:- Signature:-
Of the person in presence:
(a) Name:- Address:- Signature:-
(b) Name:- Address:- Signature:-
(c) Name:- Address:- Signature:-