3. Formation of the Board

3. Formation of the Board:

(1) A Board to be named as the Dolpa Hospital Development Board, is hereby, formed for carrying out the function of management and operation of the Hospital.
(2) The Board referred to in sub-section (1) shall consist  of the following members:
(a) A person nominated by the Ministry from amongst the highly regarded persons -Chairperson
(b) Chairperson, Concerned Village Development Committee, where the Hospital is located -Member
(c) Officer Level Representative, District Development Committee, Dolpa -Member
(d) Officer Level Representative, District Administration Office, Dolpa -Member
(e) Chairperson, District Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dolpa  -Member
(f) President, District Red cross Society, Dolpa -Member
(g) One person nominated by the Board from amongst the women of -Member .
(h) One person nominated by the Board from amongst the women who is involved in the health service. -Member
(i) Medical Superintendent of the Hospital -Member Secretary
(3) The tenure of the Chairperson and the nominated Members shall be two years.
(4) Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-section 3, if Chairperson or nominated Members fail to discharge his/her duties or acts against the interest of the Board, Ministry may dismiss him /her at any time. Provided that, such members shall not be deprived from the opportunity to defend themselves prior to their dismissal.