7. Provision related to Employees

7. Provision related to Employees:

(1) There shall be required number of employees in the Board.
(2) The provisions concerning to the appointment, remuneration, facilities and the terms of service of the employee under the Sub-section (1) shall be as prescribed. (3) Notwithstanding anything contained in the Subsection
(3) The Board may carry out its functions from the employees of the Government of Nepal with the prior approval of the Ministry, unless the appointment of the required numbers of employee in the Board.
(4) The service, terms and facilities of the employees who are working as per the Sub-section (3) shall be pursuant to the law relating to his/her service and the Board may prov ide additional facilities from its own sources to such employees.
(5) The Board may appoint employee through open competition as prescribed from its own resources without additional financial burden to the Government of Nepal.
(6) Functions, duties and powers of the employee of the Board shall be as prescribed