3. Formation of Drugs Advisory Council

3. Formation of Drugs Advisory Council:

(1) For the purposes of Section 3 of  the Act, there shall be formed a Drugs Advisory Council consisting of the
following members:
(a) Honorable Minister for Forests or Minister of State for Forests Chairperson
(b) Member, National Planning Commission Member
(c) Secretary, Ministry of Forests Member
(d) Secretary, Ministry of Finance Member
(e) Secretary, Ministry of Health Member
(f) Secretary, Ministry of Industry and Commerce  Member
(g) Chief, Drugs Research Laboratory Member
(h) Three persons nominated by Government of Nepal from  amongst the persons having knowledge on drugs
(i) Administrator, Department of Drugs Administration  Member  Secretary
(2) The term of office of the members nominated pursuant to Clause
(h) shall be Three years; and Government of Nepal may, if it so wishes, re- nominate them or remove them from office even prior to expiration of their term of office.
(3) The Council may, if it considers necessary, invite any native or foreign expert or any officer to attend as an observer the meeting of the Council.
(4) Government of Nepal may, if it considers necessary, make alteration or changes in the number of members, by a Notification publishes in the Nepal Gazette.