3. Formation of the Board

3. Formation of the Board:

(1) A Board to be named as the Midwestern Regional Hospital Development Board is, hereby, formed.
(2) The Board referred to in Sub-section (1) shall consist of the following members:
(a) Regional Administrator -Chairperson
(b) Director, Mid-western Regional Health Service Directorate -Vice-chairperson
(c) President, District Development Committee, Surkhet -Member
(d) Chief District Officer, District Administration Office, Surkhet -Member
(e) Mayor, Birendranagar Municipality, Surkhet -Member
(f) Chairperson, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Surkhet -Member
(g) Three person nominated by the Government of Nepal -Member
(h) Matron, Mid-western Regional Hospital -Member
(i) Medical Superintendent, Midwestern Regional Hospital -Member Secretary
(3) The tenure of office of the members as referred to in Clauses (a), (g) and (h) of Sub- section (1) shall be Two years.
(4) The Government of Nepal may, if it considers so necessary, alter the number of members of the Board by a Notification in the Nepal Gazette.
(5) The Board may, if it considers so necessary, may invite any officer of the Government of Nepal or any other expert to attend its meeting as an observer.