3. Formation of the Board

3. Formation of the Board:

(1) A Board to be named as the Mental Hospital Development Board is, hereby, formed.
(2) The Board as referred to in Sub-section (1) shall consist of the following members:
(a) A person nominated by the Government of Nepal -Chairperson
(b) A person nominated by the Government of Nepal from amongst imminent social workers-Member
(c) Representative (Gazetted First class), Ministry of Health -Member
(d) Chief District Officer or officer employee designated by him or her, District Administration Office, Lalitpur -Member
(e) Representative, District Development Committee, Lalitpur -Member
(f) Two persons nominated by the Government of Nepal on the recommendation of the Board, from amongst the consultant doctors -Member
(g) Chairperson, Lalitpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry -Member
(h) Chairperson, Nepal Red Cross Society, District Branch, Lalitpur -Member
(i) Matron of the Hospital -Member
(j) Director of the Hospital -Member Secretary
(3) The tenure of office of the members nominated pursuant to clauses (a), (b) and (f) of Sub-section (2) shall be two years.
(4) The Government of Nepal may, if it considers so necessary, alter the number of members of the Board by a Notification in the Nepal Gazette.