6. Fund of the Board

6. Fund of the Board:

(1) The Board shall have a separate fund of its own.
(2) The following amounts shall be credited to the fund of the Board:
(a) Grants received from the Government of Nepal;
(b) Amounts received from services provided by the Hospital;
(c) Amounts received from any foreign country or donor agency;
(d) Amounts received from other sources.
(3) All the expenses of the Board shall be borne from the fund as referred to in Sub-section (1).
(4) The amount of the fund of the Board shall be deposited in an account opened with any commercial bank in the name of the Board.
(5) The fund of the Board shall be operated by joint signature of the director and accounts chief of the Hospital.
(6) Prior to obtaining amount pursuant to clause (c) of Subsection (2), the Board shall obtain approval of the Government of Nepal; and such amount shall be spent for the same program for which the amount has been received.