Chapter 1 Preliminary

Chapter 1 Preliminary

1. Short Title and Commencement:

(1) These Rules may be called “Constituent Assembly (Conduct of Business of Legislature-Parliament) Rules, 2070 (2013).”
(2) These Rules shall come into force immediately.

2. Definition: Unless the subject or context otherwise requires, in these Rules

(a) “Constitution” means “Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2063 (2006).”
(b) “Legislature-Parliament” means the session or sitting called for functioning as in the capacity of the Legislature-Parliament during the term of the Constituent Assembly pursuant to Article 83 of the  Interim Constitution of Nepal.
(c) “Speaker” means the Speaker of the Legislature- Parliament.
(d) “Deputy Speaker” means the Deputy Speaker of the Legislature- Parliament.
(e) “Minister” means the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister, the state Minister and includes an Assistant Minister of the Government of Nepal.
(f) “Finance Minister” means the Finance Minister of the  Government of Nepal, and the word also includes other Minister or State Minister designated to look after the portfolio of the Finance Minister, if any.
(g) “Official” means the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chairperson, Parliamentary Party Leader of the political parties representing to the Legislature- parliament, the Leader of Opposition Party in the Legislature-Parliament, Deputy Leader, the Principal  Whip, Chief Whip, Secretary, Whip of the Parliamentary party of the political parties representing to the Legislature- Parliament, Secretary General and Secretary of the Legislature-Parliament.
(h) “Member” means the Member of the Legislature- Parliament.
(i) “Secretary General” means the Secretary General of the  Legislature Parliament and the word also includes an officer of the Legislature- Parliament secretariat  designated by the Speaker to work in the capacity of the Secretary General in absence of the Secretary  General.
(j) “House,” “Assembly,” or “Sitting” mean the House, Assembly or Sitting of the Legislature-Parliament.
(k) “Motion” means a motion introduced for consideration of  the Legislature-Parliament.
(l) “Member in charge” means a Minister in the case of a  Government Bill and the Member who has introduced the Bill in the case of a Private Member Bill.
(m) “Chamber” means the Chamber of the Legislature- Parliament and the word also includes the audience lobby and galleries adjacent to the Chamber.
(n) “Table” means the table of the House.
(o) “Private Member” means a Member of the Legislature-  Parliament other than a Minister.
(p) “Committee” means the Committee of the Legislature-  parliament constituted under these Rules.
(q) “Chairperson” means the Chairperson of a Committee constituted under these Rules.
(r) “Secretary” means the Secretary of the Legislature- Parliament and the word also includes an officer of the Legislature-Parliament secretariat designated by the Speaker to work in the capacity of the Secretary in absence of the Secretary.
(s) “Bulletin” means the Bulletin of the Legislature- Parliament which includes the following matters:-

(1) Notice relating to the proceedings of the sittings;
(2) Short description of proceedings of sittings
(3) Notice relating to the Committees
(4) Other matters deemed to be necessary by the Speaker.

(t) “Precincts” means the entire premises of the building, including the Sitting Chamber of the Legislature Parliament, the galleries and the audience Chamber and the word includes the thoroughfare adjoining the building where the Sitting is conducted, and to additional places as may be fixed by the Speaker from time to time.