Chapter-6 Questions and Calling Attention

Questions and Calling Attention

14. Questions may be raised:

(1) the question may raise in the following two ways.

(a) The process of question on latest subject:

(1)Save as otherwise order by the Speaker, The first hour  of the each sitting for asking question and reply answer.

(2)The number of Member who speak the prescribe time pursuant to Sub-Clause (1), shall determinate by the Speaker.

(3) The questions which answer is oral and written may  ask by the Member as separated.

(4) Begin the sitting, the name of Member who ask the question shall be given in front of the chairperson at least one hour before and shall be registered the written question raise by the Member introduced himself/herself the question at least one day before.

(5) The answer of oral and written question pursuant to  Sub- Clause (3), The concern Ministry shall  submission within the fifteen days as same a nature  before the House.

(6) The copy of written answer given by the concern Ministry pursuant to Sub- Clause (5) shall available to all Members.

(7) If the Speaker seen appropriate, advising with the Member who prepared the question, not to be distinct with the main spirit of question, the Speaker may necessary amendment to make law relevant.

(8) Relating to the subject of the question is acceptable  or not and the amendable or not, decision done by the Speaker shall be final.

(a) Relating The process on the question of the public  important subject:-

(1) Any Member may ask the question any subject of  public important within the responsible of Government of Nepal prescribed day and time by the Speaker.

(2) The Speaker shall determinate day and time to the  concerned Ministry in order to furnish updated information to the Legislature-Parliament by the  concerned Minister on the functions and activities of Government of Nepal.

(3) On the day and time determinate pursuant to Sub-  rule (2), the concern Minister shall respond to the questions raised by the Members in the matters relating to his / her Ministry. Provided that, in case the concern Minister ask for the  time of another day for being unable to furnish the response on that day or to any question for any technical reason, the Speaker may specify another day and time.

(2) The conditions regarding on the motion pursuant  to Rule 17 shall be prevail in respect of the question pursuant to this Rule.

(3) Advising the committee on conduct of business,  the Speaker shall determine the other provision relating to the question answer.

15. Calling Attention:

(1) A member may, having obtained a  prior approval of the Speaker, call the attention of the  concerned Minister on any urgent matter of public  importance.

(2) In case of calling attention pursuant to Sub-rule  (1), the Minister may respond immediately if he/she so desires or may request time for another day for responding  on the issue.

(3) No discussion shall be held on the matter after a  response of the Minister pursuant to Sub-rule (2). Provided that, the Members having their names in the list of the subject referred to in the List of Business may  seek explanation and the Minister shall respond to at the  end. In such List of Business, name of not more than three persons shall be included in one calling of attention.

(4) While calling attention pursuant to Sub-rule (1), one Member may call the attention only once in each sitting. Attention shall not be allowed to be called more than twice  in one sitting.

(5) The Member seeking to call an attention pursuant  to Sub-rule (1) shall furnish the notice thereof one day in advance.

(6) In case the Speaker has approved more than two notices of calling of attention for any day, the two callings of attention to be placed in the List of Business shall be determined on a lottery basis.